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What is Perfmatters


Perfmatters is a lightweight and feature-rich WordPress performance optimization plugin.

If you are frustrated with slow-loading WordPress websites and have tried all tips and tricks for load optimization, you’d love Perfmatters. This WordPress plugin will surely improve your website load time, thereby improving web performance.

As a performance optimization plugin, Perfmatters is a must-have. The plugin has everything going for it, from ease of use to class-A support and value for money. There is no doubt that it will help with the ranking of your content and, more than that, improve your users’ experience.

Perfmatters gives you an easily solution to quickly speed up your site. This way you can both improve web vitals and provide visitors a better user experience without getting bogged down with technical mumbo jumbo.


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Features of Perfmatters

  • Quick-toggle options
  • Many more options…
  • Script Manager
  • Database optimization
  • Lazy loading
  • Change your WordPress login URL
  • CDN rewrite
  • Host Google Analytics locally
  • Add code to header, body, footer
  • Preloading resources
  • Defer and delay JavaScript
  • Remove unused CSS
  • Host Google Fonts locally
  • Example sites using Perfmatters
  • Multisite support
  • Support and ongoing development